Rotterdam to Host Mobility City Campus

International innovation ecosystem for next-generation transportation solutions

Mobility City Campus Rotterdam
Source: Holland Toolkit

The city of Rotterdam has beaten-off competition from more than a dozen global locations to be chosen as host city for the development of the Mobility City Campus. Mobility City is an ambitious project with a global impact and a truly pioneering ideology. Its goal is to bring together all stakeholders in the mobility (transportation) ecosystem in one location, to develop and showcase cutting-edge innovations that will shape the transportation of both people and commodities for decades to come.

Collaboration in innovative solutions

The Mobility City concept is driven by the need to elevate the European standards and standing in the mobility space, to champion global innovation and to unite the mobility innovation ecosystem. The objective is to enable European-based mobility players to innovate, create, and build their businesses at the Mobility City Campus and create the next leaders in the global mobility market. Traditional and non-traditional mobility organisations will be able to work closely together to bring to life key innovations that will shape the future of the global mobility landscape. Kayvan Nikjou and Avanto Ventures, who have been leading the conversations around the Mobility City concept, and who formulated the initial plan, will commence with a pre-study to establish the development roadmap for the Mobility City project.

Ground-breaking concept

Antti Rantanen, Head of European Operations, Avanto Ventures, commented: ‘We are so excited that we finally found a home of this ground-breaking concept. We evaluated over a dozen potential areas globally where we could start developing this ecosystem, and the various parties of the Rotterdam innovation ecosystem really proved to us that they are the right fit for this.”

Contributing to the economy

Deputy Mayor of Rotterdam, Barbara Kathmann (Economy), embraces the concept: “Avanto’s ambition perfectly matches our commitment to renew transportation. It also offers the opportunity to challenge companies to bring together their best solutions based on market potential. It is wonderful to see that our innovation ecosystem is that attractive. Having a Mobility City Campus also offers us more opportunities to strengthen our economy further by attracting new large companies to our city.

Avanto Ventures is a corporate venturing agency based in Northern Europe. Avanto has helped clients in various industries to discover and develop new paths of growth and innovation. It establishes new ventures, operates innovation labs and sets up ecosystem programs that have a positive impact on people and planet and is supported by the city of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Partners in the development of the Mobility City Campus.

Source: Rotterdam Partners




20 December 2018

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