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Free & Confidential Support for Current Investors

The Invest in Holland network — a close collaboration of NFIA, regional development agencies and a number of large cities — provides support, not only to new foreign investors, but also to existing foreign investors that already have one or more operations in the Netherlands. The Investor Relations Program aims to make it easier for businesses to grow and thrive in the Netherlands. Here’s what we can do for you:

    1. Provide information, advice and support
      The Investor Relations program is here to help your company find the talent with the skills you need for your operations. We make sure any international employees have a soft landing in the Netherlands, by assisting with visas and work permits, providing cross-cultural advice and linking to international schools. The Investor Relations program also helps execute new investment and development projects; find and apply for subsidies; and assist expanding companies in many other ways. If you have any questions, our door is always open.
    2. Connect you to relevant partners
      The Investor Relations program can also introduce you to Dutch government organizations at the national, regional and local levels and bring you into contact with commercial service providers, such as consultants, agents and lawyers, and a wide variety of regional, national and international networks that are relevant to your company.
    3. Jumpstart your network
      With the Investor Relations program, you can gain access to dozens of national and regional events organized each year, ranging from seminars and conferences to network dinners, roundtable sessions and individual update meetings with representatives from the Dutch government. We’ll even help you make individual arrangements for tailor-made support and advice.
    4. Introduce you to public-private partnerships
      Our Investor Relations Program is also equipped to provide guidance on the network of public-private partnerships that abound in the Netherlands. For example, we can provide insight into R&D incentives and direction on partnerships to maximize incentives. We also help link education, government and business for assistance in everything from pooling talent to addressing the need for technical skills.
    5. Support business development
      The Investor Relations Program can also be a valuable partner in helping you support your business case for expansion of international activities in the Netherlands. We provide tools and input for cost and location benchmarking, help recruit talent and promote your company’s presence in the Netherlands to increase company recognition and brand awareness.
    6. Put your feedback in the right hands
      The Investor Relations program serves as a channel through which you can share your views and experiences concerning the investment climate in the Netherlands with the Dutch government. We collect your feedback, submit it to relevant government departments and use it as input for future decision-making.

Interested? The services provided via the Investor Relations program are completely free of charge and available to all foreign companies with international operations in the Netherlands, regardless of the year of establishment.

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